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The Allergy Act is an educational platform and support group formed to help enhance the lives of individuals with food allergies. 

There’s no survival guide on how to live with allergies, much of our own learning about our condition is through trial and error and adapting our lives to protect ourselves. 

Our aim is to educate and empower individuals with food allergies to lead safe lives through sharing personal experiences and lifestyle tips, advocacy and allergy awareness. Further to reminding individuals with allergies that they are not alone; it is our hope that this will not only act as a resource for individuals with allergies but help others to better understand what it means to live with an allergy.

You may be reading as a mother, father, sibling or friend of someone who has an allergy so hopefully this will help with your understanding and help to create awareness about the importance of this topic. 

**If you have any concerns regarding your allergies or believe you have symptoms that are caused by allergies, you should speak with your doctor.**

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If you have any recommendations on restaurants, products, dining tips, etc please do not hesitate to contact as the more we share our experiences the more it will benefit everyone in the food allergy community!

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